Megh Training is a sister concern of Megh Technologies Ltd. The core objective of Megh Training is to enable the large number of people of our country get skilled in multiple disciplines so that they can contribute in different fields of economic growth of the country and never the less themselves.

Keeping that in mind, Megh Training has recently launched its first effort on human resource development at the specific field of Contact Centre. Megh has chosen this sector for its long proven track record on establishing and serving in the call centre service of leading telco’s of the country.

In this time of world, service and it’s recipient has become very dynamic, as a result people really cannot wait or travel down to a service centres for every small support they need. And thus the concept of service over phone has become essential and a mainstream support line. This being said we also should keep in mind that the mode of communications are also evolving and popularising, modes like email, chat, social network etc., therefore the service delivery modality is also emerging along side. And we at Megh Training also acknowledge such change and try to accommodate with the changing situation and serve accordingly. Not to mention that’s one of the reasons we prefer to call our training for Contact Centre rather than just Call Centre, as contact centre covers the broader and wider aspects of service modes than just serving over telephone.

In Megh Training we believe in completeness, we believe in satisfaction so we don’t mind to walk some extra steps for that. Therefore we just don't stop by delivering lectures, rather we like to walk side by side with our trainees on their effort on materialising what they have learned with us. And in the effort we also learn ourselves what the industry is looking for in this ever changing world of business.

So to speak, Megh Training not only trains, they get trained also, as we believe we only can deliver good if we ourselves have learned good.